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I am a Toronto based electronic media artist and an Associate Professor at OCAD University. I am Facilities Coordinator at Charles Street Video, a media access centre in Toronto. I have also developed a course entitled 'Creativity and New Media' in which students are required to work through various methodologies of creativity, at Seneca@York. I received my Ph.D (Dec 09) in Communications & Culture from York University with a thesis entitled Bandwidth is Political: Reachability in the Public Internet. In this I would like to thank the librarians at the Library of Congress [Madison and Jefferson] as well as Adam Thierer for his timely advice and insight.



Solo exhibition 'The Future, Before'. Apr 4 to May 27 2018 at InterAccess, Toronto.

A one-day symposium was held entitled 'The Basement Tapes: Media Arts Reunion' April 28, 2018 in which presenters discussed Toronto's media arts scene 1980-1989. In conjunction with this event a draft paper on the history of A.R.C. gallery [attach pdf] [gallery images pdf] was prepared by Graham Smith & Nancy Paterson and the authors welcome comments and feedback.

The Internet infrastructure visualization IXmaps and the precursor work CHmaps was part of a group exhibition "Little Sister (is watching you, too)" curated by Christiane Paul at the Pratt Manhattan GalleryDecember 2015 –January 2016. The exhibition featured artworks and activist projects that look back at the apparatus of government agencies and systems of control, addressing issues surrounding ethics and accountability.

The Surrey Art Gallery has added the ‘Stock Market Skirt’ installation to their permanent collection and exhibited the mediawork from June 29 – December 8 – 2013. Catalog available.


I presented a lecture/discussion Dec 8, 2013 entitled 'Future Studies' to students at Zhejiang Gongshang University. Hangzhou, China.

I presented a paper 'End-user Privacy and Policy-based Networking' at the Experts' Workshop, "Theory of Broadband: Regulation, Networks and Applications" at the Columbia University Center for Tele-Information, Thursday, May 30- Friday, June 1, 2013.



SSRN papers are located here.

Book chapter now in print 'Process and Outcome Paradigms in Media Arts Pedagogy' in Michael Filimowicz, Veronika Tzankova (Eds) 'Teaching Computational Creativity', Cambridge University Press.

An interview transcription download - regarding my early curatorial and mediart practice took place February 16, 2014 with Ann Dean, Luis Jacob and Maurice Carroll in attendance.

The paper 'End-User Privacy and Policy-Based Networking' was published in the Proceedings of Experts' Workshop, Theory of Broadband: Regulation, Networks and Applications. Journal of Information Policy. Vol. 4 (2014), pg. 28-43.

In 2012 my postdoctoral research paper entitled 'Walled gardens: The new shape of the public internet' was published in the proceedings for the iConference 2012 in the ACM Digital Library.
Gallimard - Editions Babylone & the L’Oreal Foundation published 'Sex, danger, women & machines', In Future/Projections: 1000,000 years of beauty. Azoulay, E. (Ed.) Paris, France. p. 104.

My essay 'Stock Market Skirt: The Evolution of the Internet, the Interface and an Idea' appears in: 'Database Aesthetics - Art in the Age of Information Overflow' edited by Victoria Vesna, University of Minnesota Press, Fall 2007.

References to my mediaworks are included in Edward A. Shanken's ‘Art and Electronic Media’(Phaidon Press, Themes and Movements Series), Spring 2007. The text serves as a comprehensive survey of the use of electronic media in art history and contemporary practice. 'DIARIO ECONOMICO' Lisbon, Portugal, contains an interview by Barbara Barroso which discusses my mediawork and includes illustrations, April 2007.

'VCR Story' (creative writing) - published in The Capilano Review 2:50 (also web published) Feb 2007.

‘Digital Currents: Art in the Electronic Age’ by Margot Lovejoy, Routledge (UK) 2004 discusses my mediaworks. 'Digital Art' by Christiane Paul, from the Thames & Hudson World of Art series published Fall 2003, is a comprehensive overview and history of international Media Art which includes my mediawork ‘Stock Market Skirt’.

Article entitled 'Bicycle TV' which was originally published in 'Leonardo,' is included in 'Women, Art and Technology' edited by Judy Malloy (MIT Press, 2003).

STOCK MARKET SKIRT and THE MEADOW are discussed in 'Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science and Technology' by Stephen Wilson (MIT Press, 2003).

My work is discussed in ‘Gamers: Writers, Artists, and Programmers on the Pleasures of Pixels’ edited by Shanna Compton, Soft Skull Press 2004.

Article entitled 'Be There Now: Telepresence Art Online' by David Pescovitz (which was originally featured on the website of the California Arts Council) is included in an Apr 1999 issue (Vol.XXXII #205) of FLASH ART (Milan). This article includes STOCK MARKET SKIRT among mediaworks by several other California-based artists.

My mediaworks are discussed by Simon Penny in his text ‘Critical Issues in Electronic Media’ Buffalo, SUNY Press 1995.

STOCK MARKET SKIRT is also featured in articles appearing in issues of the bi-monthly fashion/art journal DUTCH (Amsterdam) 1999 and in TEMA CELESTE (Milan) June 1999.

A paper which I have written situating Cyberfeminism within postmodern culture, titled 'Curly, Larry & PoMo' was initially available electronically in the inaugural issue of the Ohio State University online journal 'Astrolabe.' 'Curly, Larry & PoMo' was a follow-up to an earlier paper titled 'Cyberfeminism' which was published in the journal FIREWEED (Summer 1996). 'Cyberfeminism' was included in a book titled Cyberfeminizam, published by the Centar Za Zenske Studije, Zagreb, in 1999.'Cyberfeminism' was also published in a collection of papers presented at the 'Sense of the Senses' Congress in Bonn, Germany. This collection, published in Fall 1998 by Steidl, is titled 'Der Sinn der Sinne.' The Cyberfeminism paper is located at:

Fireweed - Toronto
Cyberfiminizam - Zagreb
Sinn der Sinne - Bonn

Other unpublished papers
  • Right Brain Drain (PDF)
  • Intellectual Property Games (PDF)
  • The Evolution of the Interface (PDF)
  • Individual Digital Rights (PDF)



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